On Starting Over

Whenever I’d make a great pencil drawing, with detail, light, and shadows, and layers of pencil shading, I never knew when to say “it’s done”. Instead, every time I’d take it out, I’d take out a pencil and continue going over the dark parts, even if it made no visible difference.  Why? It wasn’t because... Continue Reading →

Cultural Contrast: Russian Adoption Bans

There appears to be a stark contrast between political Russian views and the viewpoint of the Western society towards adoption. This issue includes values upheld by both cultures, leading to conflict between the countries and in turn, impacting citizens of both populations. This prime example involves a decree of strict Russian bans preventing foreign same-sex... Continue Reading →

(163) DAY

"I'm not interesting enough" is what people oftentimes say when I ask to write a story about them. But to be honest, I think that everyone has something interesting to say or to contribute. Just like any other typical guy, my friend Bryan Jok replied "I'm not interesting enough to be interviewed" when I made my... Continue Reading →

No Place Like Western University

Trudging to a torturous lecture in a gloomy weather could be beautiful only at Western. Given the opportunity to walking on campus and admire the sublimity of the architecture, I am proud to say that I am part of this wonderful Western community. Although the process of moving out was petrifying, Western is a place... Continue Reading →

Bug Alert!

To be honest, one of the first things I’ve learned when I arrived at Western was that ladybugs have wings and can fly. I seriously did not know that ladybugs could fly!  I used to think they were cute, harmless creatures. I even dressed up as a ladybug one year for Halloween (oh the irony).... Continue Reading →

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