Time is of the Essence

Time….Just think about this for a second. Our world revolves around time. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week. 365 days in a year. Ever thought, why those numbers? Why are we so constrained to this timeline? Years pass. The sun rises and sets everyday. Seasons cycle and life grows. What if,... Continue Reading →

The Passage of Another Year

Another year have just whizzed by. Now, don't look so sad. While some are baffled by how quickly time seems to flow, how this "time" thing works is pretty straightforward. We are given a paycheque worth 24 hours every morning; however, the nature of the currency forces us we  to spend it as we go... Continue Reading →

Down with the marathon study sessions

I don't like marathon-length study sessions. Honestly, sitting in the library for eight hours straight doing nothing but cramming is probably one of the most efficient ways for me to develop a headache. Not only that, I found that by the time after a couple (or four, if I'm lucky) hours has passed, my brain started... Continue Reading →

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