Spot the Difference

I live on the east side of campus, so most mornings I can be found trudging across the bridge, past Delaware Hall, and up UC hill to get to class. It was on one of these commutes that I noticed the sign on the right, an advertisement for upper year residence at Western. The black... Continue Reading →

How To Improve Your Memory

With finals coming up soon, I thought I would share some useful study tips to help you all improve your recall.  Since I'm in science, my courses are extremely heavy on memorization.  Often it's hard to remember everything, especially when the information seems like a bunch of random facts and isolated details.  I've picked out... Continue Reading →

(113) DAY

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that first semester has ended. I have learned so much these past four months – not just in school, but also by living on my own and getting more involved in the London community. I’ve learned to manage my time better, make wiser decisions, and to... Continue Reading →

(88) DAY

Lists I find lists incredibly useful. I virtually have a list for everything I do related to school and extra-curriculars - things to do, things to study, things to bring up at the meeting etc... But all this eventually builds up into huge bullet points of stuff.  So essentially, my relationship with lists is not at... Continue Reading →

On Coming Back

It’s strange, coming back. As I walked through the doors of my high school last week to attend Commencement, all I could think of was: I miss this. It’s strange, leaving to start a whole new life in a whole new city, and then coming back to a sense of familiarity. That’s what I miss:... Continue Reading →

The Autumn Melodies

Sitting on the common lounge couch of Delaware Hall, facing the window while sipping hot chocolate seems like a good way to start off my morning. A beam of sunlight brightens the whole room, and provides me with the sense of warmth that welcomes me to the autumn environment. It is hard to notice the... Continue Reading →

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