When is the best day to make and eat food? On world food day! World food day happened to fall on Thursday, October 16 this year and this day was the perfect day for the Food Resources and Education for Student Health (FRESH) program to educate fellow students on healthy alternatives. When I first heard... Continue Reading →

Homemade Quest Bars

For those of you who have never heard of a Quest bar, they are one of the newest stars on the protein bar market.  The reason why everyone is raving over them is because they contain 20 grams of protein per bar, with almost 0 grams of sugar and packed full of fiber. Often times,... Continue Reading →

People do different things to release stress. Some good, some not so good. For many of us (myself being oftentimes guilty of this one), it's mindlessly snacking. On chips, cereal, chocolate, candy... anything to help make the process of learning the principles of scientific management from a long, dull textbook reading just that much more engaging. Some... Continue Reading →

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