Cultural Contrast: Russian Adoption Bans

There appears to be a stark contrast between political Russian views and the viewpoint of the Western society towards adoption. This issue includes values upheld by both cultures, leading to conflict between the countries and in turn, impacting citizens of both populations. This prime example involves a decree of strict Russian bans preventing foreign same-sex... Continue Reading →

The Morning Sun

  The dark and dreary winter can sometimes be daunting. With all the snow and the uncertainty of when you'll see that blue sky again, it can be saddening. I'm sure the majority of us would rather be on a beach in Hawaii at this moment but despite our outside environments, it is important to... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Dreamin’

There’s so many crazy things that happen in this world. One day, someone woke up and said "Hey, I’m going to jump out of a plane today." And then, people followed. To get an adrenaline rush, to live life to the fullest. Every big idea starts with a crazy passion, a desire burning to achieve... Continue Reading →

Are we nearing an Age of Genetic Enhancement?

Last week, the first international gene editing summit was held in Washington to discuss new techniques for altering human DNA. The summit was a response to recent breakthroughs in gene editing technology. Earlier this year, in a world-first, scientists in China announced that they had carried out gene editing in human embryos. They were attempting... Continue Reading →

Time is of the Essence

Time….Just think about this for a second. Our world revolves around time. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week. 365 days in a year. Ever thought, why those numbers? Why are we so constrained to this timeline? Years pass. The sun rises and sets everyday. Seasons cycle and life grows. What if,... Continue Reading →

Relive the Glory Days

Through spending my summer as a tennis coach for elementary school children, I have realized we can actually learn a lot from these kiddos. Be ambitious in everything that you do It’s okay to have a competitive side; in fact it’s healthy. This competition, whether it be between two siblings or friends, pushes you to... Continue Reading →

What a Waste of Time!

Procrastination is definitely a problem near and dear to most of our hearts. There always seems to be some kind of event or riveting opportunity presented that interferes with what needs to be done. Instead of spreading out our studying, we tend to leave it all to the last minute and hope for the best.... Continue Reading →

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