On Starting Over

Whenever I’d make a great pencil drawing, with detail, light, and shadows, and layers of pencil shading, I never knew when to say “it’s done”. Instead, every time I’d take it out, I’d take out a pencil and continue going over the dark parts, even if it made no visible difference.  Why? It wasn’t because... Continue Reading →

Selfies and Self-portraits: from Kim Kardashian to Frieda Kahlo

Whether on Buzzfeed or in TIME Magazine, I’m sure you’ve come across the term “millenials”. Millenials, also known as “Generation Y”, or worse still, the “me me me generation”, are notoriously “narcissistic” both for posting pictures of themselves all over the web, and for worshipping celebrities who publish their own “selfies”. The Guardian has an interesting take on... Continue Reading →

Let the Art Speak For Itself

Do we have the right to judge artists? When a book or song is published, the first thing we do is to criticize or comment on it. E-book gets reading data form subscribers who, for a flat monthly fee, buy access to an array of titles, which they can read on a variety of devices.... Continue Reading →

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