ART, Created by: AI

Recently, engineers and artists have been experimenting with artificial intelligence to see if machines can expand into the artistic realm. After feeding the algorithm with a plethora of artistic works, the formula will generate a wide array of imageries, poetries and music. As of now, AI still needs creative input from humans to assist in... Continue Reading →

Nightclubs and Nihilism

If you’ve never been to a nightclub before, allow me to paint you a quick picture: The lights are colourful yet dim, with the occasional flashing strobe.  The bar is generally pressed against the far wall of the establishment, in which two or three baristas are scrambling to keep up with the onrush of orders shouted... Continue Reading →

How to Find a Summer Job

Summer is quickly approaching, and for many of us, that means the pressure is on to find a job. With time off from school, summer is the perfect opportunity to build your resume, explore your interests, and earn some extra money. Unsure where to begin your hunt? Here are six tips on finding the perfect... Continue Reading →

The Modern Poisoned Apple

If you look around one of your classrooms, I’m sure you’ll see the sea of Apple laptop computers. Sure, there may be the occasional Sony or HP, but for the most part there is a common theme. Why is Apple so popular? Well for starters, they have a killer ad campaign. You remember those commercials,... Continue Reading →

Lottery of Life

To say the past few years have been a bit hard on the heart is an understatement. Humanity has suffered more than a few devastating blows. From fallen governments to Paris attacks to North Korean nuclear tests, crises are striking at increasing frequency and with alarming force. The frequency and force partly comes from deeply-embedded... Continue Reading →

Braving the Burrito Bowl

When I was travelling through Toronto’s Pearson Airport during Reading Week, I came across a food establishment called Smoke’s Burritorie. It specialized in – you guessed it – burritos and burrito bowls. That afternoon, I just happened to be craving the latter, so you can imagine my excitement when I laid eyes on the menu.... Continue Reading →

Beyoncé is Pregnant: So What?

On February 1, which was also the first day of Black History Month, Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant with twins. In typical Queen Bey fashion, she posted a radiant picture of herself wearing lingerie and a long veil while cupping her round belly. The bright floral background certainly added to the uniqueness of the... Continue Reading →

Media Fog

The amount of political pieces written about Donald Trump’s policies have been overdone. From views yielding hefty consequences to controversial comments, every word Trump utters has been scrutinized and praised from all angles. Every political piece, article and post scrambling to change your support to galvanize their respective parties. The post is not meant to... Continue Reading →

What your Writing Utensil Says about You

You can tell a lot about a person based on their choice of writing utensil.  For example, pencil-users cautiously anticipate their mistakes before they have even begun, as if they are asking permission to be creative.  They are an overly careful bunch; bottling themselves up, staunching the flow of their creative juices to a narrow trickle. There... Continue Reading →

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