The Modern Poisoned Apple

If you look around one of your classrooms, I’m sure you’ll see the sea of Apple laptop computers. Sure, there may be the occasional Sony or HP, but for the most part there is a common theme. Why is Apple so popular? Well for starters, they have a killer ad campaign. You remember those commercials,... Continue Reading →

For Your Listening Pleasure

Over the holidays, I came across an article in The Atlantic titled “The 50 Best Podcasts of 2016”. I had never paid much attention to podcasts before, but was interested in finding more of them to subscribe to on iTunes. The first podcast I had ever listened to was Serial, which features real-life crime stories.... Continue Reading →


If you have not encountered a picture with the hashtag “NoNewFriends” on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed, you’re one of the lucky ones. On a weekly basis, I see captions on photos of friends proudly claiming “no new friends”, and every time I do I question the poster’s intentions. The phrase “no new friends”... Continue Reading →

Selfies and Self-portraits: from Kim Kardashian to Frieda Kahlo

Whether on Buzzfeed or in TIME Magazine, I’m sure you’ve come across the term “millenials”. Millenials, also known as “Generation Y”, or worse still, the “me me me generation”, are notoriously “narcissistic” both for posting pictures of themselves all over the web, and for worshipping celebrities who publish their own “selfies”. The Guardian has an interesting take on... Continue Reading →

Snapchat Struggles

For the longest time, Snapchat was one of the most difficult apps for me to understand (it still is). I could never distinguish between ‘snaps’ and ‘snap stories’. The concept of being able to post or send a picture, only for it to last a mere ten seconds, was strange yet fascinating to me. While... Continue Reading →

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