February is Psychology Month

Psychology is a broad field, rooted in science that seeks to understand our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Some psychology professionals develop and test theories through basic research, while others work to help individuals, organizations, and communities better function. Still others are both researchers and practitioners. Psychology Month is celebrated every February to teach Canadians how... Continue Reading →

Zika Virus Could Become Pandemic

This past week, panic embraced scientists across the world as they realized that the Zika virus has the potential to become a global pandemic, with four million cases predicted for this year alone. Meanwhile, US scientists warned that it could take a decade before a vaccine could be made publicly available. The World Health Organization’s... Continue Reading →

Are we nearing an Age of Genetic Enhancement?

Last week, the first international gene editing summit was held in Washington to discuss new techniques for altering human DNA. The summit was a response to recent breakthroughs in gene editing technology. Earlier this year, in a world-first, scientists in China announced that they had carried out gene editing in human embryos. They were attempting... Continue Reading →

Learn How to Make Stress Your Best Friend

When was the last time that you've experienced stress? A week ago?  Yesterday? Maybe even right now? Regardless of when it occurred, stress is obviously not the greatest feeling, both psychologically and physiologically. I mean who's got the time for sweaty palms, butterflies, and shakiness? As if experiencing these symptoms isn't bad enough, our stress response often... Continue Reading →

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