The Modern Poisoned Apple

If you look around one of your classrooms, I’m sure you’ll see the sea of Apple laptop computers. Sure, there may be the occasional Sony or HP, but for the most part there is a common theme. Why is Apple so popular? Well for starters, they have a killer ad campaign. You remember those commercials,... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Question

As I stare at the blinking monitor on my computer screen, searching for a topic, I am somehow drawn to the Ultimate topic, or, as Douglas Adams--author of the irreverent and existential Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series-- calls it, The Ultimate Question: The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. This is, understatedly, a complex question.  Not... Continue Reading →

Redefining Portraiture at the Mcintosh Gallery

At the McIntosh art gallery at Western Ontario, I had the pleasure of viewing some remarkable interpretations of portraiture and self-portraiture. One especially interesting trend I noticed there was that many of the featured artists diverged from the classical self-portrait—a relatively realistic painting or photograph of a subject at a certain moment in time—choosing instead... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor: Every Rose Has a Thorn

Roses, dates, clothes…every single detail of The Bachelor is critiqued, dissected and discussed weekly by millions of women in America. Believe it or not, many have made a career out of watching people fall in love (yes, there is even a blog dedicated to providing readers with spoilers). No matter how controversial the show may... Continue Reading →


So I'm going to confess that I may have a slight obsession with Johnny Depp. My goal is to have watched every single movie that he has been in by the time I leave this earth... and he's been in over 50 movies... some of which he's even produced himself! Wondering what movies he's all... Continue Reading →

Ten Books to Read Over Your Winter Break

Is your mind saturated from reading too many textbooks? Kick back and refresh your mind with these ten great books over your winter break. This reading list was recommended by Jane Ciabattari writing for the BBC Culture Report. James Lee Burke, House of the Rising Sun Burke, named a ‘grand master’ by the Mystery Writers... Continue Reading →

Movies to Watch over Your Winter Break

Starting to plan what you will do for your winter break? Here is a list of eight films to watch - compiled by Fiona Macdonald for the BBC Culture report. The Hateful Eight After Django Unchained became the highest-grossing movie of his career, Quentin Tarantino revisited the Western with a story about bounty hunters seeking... Continue Reading →

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