Music and Politics Are Best Friends

Many of us are music lovers, yet we often listen to songs without analyzing their lyrics or considering the societal implications that may result. For me, music provides an escape from the world’s problems, however, I also seek it to gain more clarity about a situation. As a political science student, I’m always tuned into... Continue Reading →

Nightclubs and Nihilism

If you’ve never been to a nightclub before, allow me to paint you a quick picture: The lights are colourful yet dim, with the occasional flashing strobe.  The bar is generally pressed against the far wall of the establishment, in which two or three baristas are scrambling to keep up with the onrush of orders shouted... Continue Reading →

Beyoncé is Pregnant: So What?

On February 1, which was also the first day of Black History Month, Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant with twins. In typical Queen Bey fashion, she posted a radiant picture of herself wearing lingerie and a long veil while cupping her round belly. The bright floral background certainly added to the uniqueness of the... Continue Reading →

The Comeback Kid

Justin Bieber is a global pop star. Love him or hate him, he’s never afraid to make a statement. With the release of his new album, Purpose, I thought it would be appropriate to share some thoughts in regards to the following: is Justin Bieber truly making a comeback? The past few years have been... Continue Reading →

November Music Picks

Hi friends! Whether you're a first year or fourth year, congratulations on surviving the midterm season. We're already halfway there, which means that finals (!!!) are just around the corner. And if you're like me, having slept and lived in Weldon for the past 3 weeks, you're probably sick and tired of your music that's... Continue Reading →

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