The power of choice

Choice is powerful; unfortunately, not many of us are aware just how powerful our every choice can be. According to the multiverse (as opposed to universe) theory, a parallel world is created every time a choice is made. For instance, it can be thought that when your alarm clock starts wailing at 7:00 tomorrow morning, two worlds will be created: the world... Continue Reading →

After final marks were released…

“Hey, how come you look so tired today?” “Eh?” Startled, I turned to my friend, who was wearing a rather concerned frown on her face. Well, this just won't do. It's one thing to know deep down that you're in ten kinds of trouble, but quite another to know that everyone around you are starting... Continue Reading →

My most nerve-racking exam

I can't believe I still have to deal with midterms in the late November; in fact, I'll be writing one in three hours. Honestly, I'm a bit scared, and when I'm scared, my memories likes to take me back to one of the most nerve-racking university exam I've ever had... Night was coming, the students... Continue Reading →

Reflections at midnight

The research project took me late into the night. By the time I headed out of the lab, midnight was almost upon me. The first thing that struck me was the how empty the whole campus felt. The pervasive emptiness surrounds me with its silence, enfolds me in its embrace, and fills me with its intensity.... Continue Reading →

The morning before the deadline

The wail of my alarm clock pierced the morning quiet; groaning, I slowly sat up. Last strands of a fraying, half-remembered dream was still clinging to my mind like old cobwebs, I can vaguely remember it was about something urgent that I forgot to do... so it was more of a nightmare then. But like... Continue Reading →

Step onto the edge

People are afraid of change, because change means the edge. The edge is anywhere outside our comfort zones; we never know what is going to come because everything is new. However, this unfathomable,uncomfortable edge is what sharpens our intellect and senses. Sure, the edge is uncomfortable. Once outside of our comfort zones, we are no... Continue Reading →

Growth and Challenge

Our experiences determine who we are. From these experiences we can draw insight, seek courage, and build our identity. Think of the whole process as a workout - we can shape our mental ourselves through choosing what kind of experiences to incorporate into our lives. For most of us, we prefer the safe, stable and... Continue Reading →

Exam Strategies for the under-prepared test takers

I hope you’ve taken the advantage of the brief respite from the grueling university schedule to catch up and prepare for the onslaught of midterms. If you’ve managed your time well, then congratulations! You know, your capability on self-management tends to increase in a snowball fashion - being able to discipline yourself on one occasion gives you the confidence to better manage yourself in the future as well. On the other... Continue Reading →

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