Build your Immunity to Negativity

Negativity and pessimistic attitudes can be contagious. So how can you stay positive amongst the sea of sadness? During midterm season everyone got stressed and easily aggravated. My friends had little positive energy and they just kept getting sadder. I noticed that their attitudes were rubbing onto me as well, but I knew I needed... Continue Reading →

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

By now you’ve probably heard or seen Big Hero 6, a charming animated movie inspired by Marvel™. It’s an interesting movie with wacky, comical characters and a compelling story. While many love the movie, there were some aspects that I personally did not enjoy as much. Here is my opinion of Big Hero 6 in... Continue Reading →

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! 2015

Side note: This post is 2 days past the start of Chinese New Year. Please forgive for my lateness. What is Chinese New year? Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is an Asian tradition that celebrates the start of a new year according to the Chinese calendar. It starts... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day Recipes and Hangout Ideas

The holiday of love, Valentine’s Day, is around the corner. Some may also consider it single awareness day. Whatever way you call it, don’t panic if you have no plans for that day. Here are activities and recipes for Valentine’s Day if you’re spending it alone, with friends, or with a significant other: Recipes 1.... Continue Reading →

Owning a Pet: The Pros and Cons

It gets a little lonely sometimes. Some people get a pet to fill that loneliness, but owning a pet has its ups and downs. Here are the pros and cons of owning a little companion (be it fish, dog, turtle, ferret etc): Pros You have a buddy to look after the place Stress reliever when... Continue Reading →

How to Deal With the Cold and Snow

It didn’t snow that much in December of 2014. Many people’s holiday spirits lower when there is a lack of snow during the holidays, but what’s even more disappointing is when it snows heavy in the months after December. Who wants to deal with the freezing wind, slushy sidewalks and icy roads on their way... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Wii U’s Comeback

As a kid who grew up with Nintendo and is still a huge fan today, I am proud to say that the Nintendo Wii U is making a comeback. When the Wii U console first came out, it didn’t have many console or game sales. The main reason for this is because Nintendo didn’t advertise... Continue Reading →

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