Shopping for Culture

Over the past few decades, many western artists have started adopting select parts of other cultures into their music and work. The “borrowing” of another culture’s language, music and dances exploitatively robs minority groups. While there is no shame or wrong on celebrating and honouring other cultures, there is a stark difference between appreciation and... Continue Reading →

ART, Created by: AI

Recently, engineers and artists have been experimenting with artificial intelligence to see if machines can expand into the artistic realm. After feeding the algorithm with a plethora of artistic works, the formula will generate a wide array of imageries, poetries and music. As of now, AI still needs creative input from humans to assist in... Continue Reading →

Lottery of Life

To say the past few years have been a bit hard on the heart is an understatement. Humanity has suffered more than a few devastating blows. From fallen governments to Paris attacks to North Korean nuclear tests, crises are striking at increasing frequency and with alarming force. The frequency and force partly comes from deeply-embedded... Continue Reading →

Media Fog

The amount of political pieces written about Donald Trump’s policies have been overdone. From views yielding hefty consequences to controversial comments, every word Trump utters has been scrutinized and praised from all angles. Every political piece, article and post scrambling to change your support to galvanize their respective parties. The post is not meant to... Continue Reading →

The Culture of Fear

The culture of fear is more relevant and present than ever. All around us the fear of uncertainty is being mass marketed by opportunists seeking to grip and lead us by a leash. These opportunists come from all ranges of the power and influence spectrum- the media, large corporations, politicians. Every culture centres around a... Continue Reading →

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity

I usually never notice splashy billboards or colourful ads while hurrying down streets but this one made me pause. The design used minimalist black blocks as a backdrop and emphasized white letters in bold. The spare presentation effortlessly commanded the attention of hustling pedestrians. “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity” was tattooed boldly on the hard... Continue Reading →

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