8 Ways to Beat Exam Stress

Tis' the season of midterms! As someone with three midterms within 24 hours (!!!), I, along with every student here at Western, is very well aware of the stress and anxiety that midterms bring with them. Hence, I have decided to dedicate this post to midterm season and how exactly to not let it overwhelm... Continue Reading →

The Cracked Pot

Some of my favorite memories from when I was a little girl were of my grandfather telling me stories. I used to love hearing my grandfather's tales, all so very descriptive, enticing, and with an underlying moral. One story that I still remember very clearly to this day is the broken pot. A water bearer... Continue Reading →

Canadian Blood Services Donor Clinics!

Since this past Tuesday, the Canadian Blood Services have set up base in the Mustang Lounge at the UCC and are welcoming blood donations. When I first heard about this event, I immediately became interested and wanted to know more. Being an organ donor, I thought that donating my blood was just one more thing... Continue Reading →


It’s International Week! Every year, Western holds its International Week in November to celebrate all things international that compose our beautiful and rich campus. The purpose of this week is to celebrate Western’s diverse population and international collaborations, educate students, staff, and faculty about international opportunities, and have the London and campus community participate in... Continue Reading →

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