The Delay of Gratification

Another year starts, and here we are expected to juggle academics with sleep and social life. The title of this blog post might seem weird you might ask. Well, here's how it fits into it. There will be two general categories of people in university. Those who persist on doing their work and those who end... Continue Reading →

Winter moment: Part 2.

Adam opened his last ration in his backpack. “Olives with mashed potatoes” read the cover. He started eating slowly the greenish thick paste contained in it. With each morsel he could feel nausea creeping up his stomach, accompanied with a vomiting sensation. It reminded him his time in the trenches. These human versions of mole... Continue Reading →

Winter Moment Part 1

Hey guys,  I was staring outside the window the other day looking at the falling snow when I got inspired to write a short novel. I wrote it in French however I decided to (try and) translate it to share it with you guys. The story might be a little too long for one post... Continue Reading →

8 ways to avoid procrastinating.

Student life is a balance between studying, extra curricular activities, social life and sleep. If you're like me then you're in a constant fight with your inner self about when and how to get things done. Delaying important tasks can lead to cramming, all nighters, a decrease in productivity as well as your well being. So... Continue Reading →

It could be worse.

Midterm week is coming. Some have already done an exam, while others are studying hard for the upcoming ones. And then there's always that one guy who keeps on partying and somehow manages to pass... My desk at the moment. Where did that light bulb come from?      I don't know about you guys, but... Continue Reading →

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