Welcome back to Purpology! Hope you all had a fantastic, relaxing summer! I had an incredible summer – I travelled Europe for 3 weeks with my sister, visiting the United Kingdom, Germany and France. I went to all the cliché tourists attractions, visited long lost relatives, and ate to my heart’s content. More details about... Continue Reading →

6. Strategies to Avoid Procrastination

As exam season rolls around, we find ourselves surrounded by relentless distractions once again: cat memes, funny Youtube videos, entertaining Facebook conversations, you name it. Here, I've provided six strategies to help you avoid procrastination and get through this last horrific month of finals. 1. Break your task into smaller steps. More often than not,... Continue Reading →

5 Wild Tips For Midterm Season

As we dive headfirst into the middle of midterm season, I have come up with a list of wild tips students can benefit from. Surrounded by heavy biology textbooks, physics problem sets and unending notes, I hope these help you succeed in those killer tests. Wild Tip #1: Motivate yourself (use food!) I’m pretty sure... Continue Reading →

On Knowledge

I watch my uncle as he struggles to type an email to an old friend, trying to remember grammar rules and where exactly a comma appears in a sentence. I watch this man, who has a PhD in literature and graduated at the top of his class before immigrating to Canada, try to string together a... Continue Reading →

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