World Nutella Day 2015

Happy World Nutella Day!!!  As an avid baker, today is an extra special day because I get an excuse to bake and eat exorbitant amounts of Nutella... and then hit the gym before I become diabetic.  But really, I used it as an excuse to bake instead of study. Nutella has a longstanding history, going... Continue Reading →

Qualities of Successful Leaders

Happy Sunday everyone!! I thought today I would talk about some things I've been learning in one of my courses this semester.  I am currently taking an English elective called "Culture of Leadership", where we analyze what it means to be a leader, the qualities that good leaders possess, and the different leadership styles we... Continue Reading →

Healthy Granola Bars

Happy Friday! With midterms fast approaching (too soon in my opinion), I thought I would share a delicious treat with you that will help you fuel your brain as you study hard or work on your assignments.  Today I'm sharing my favourite granola bar recipe that's very easy to make, and is a great pick-me-up... Continue Reading →

Happy O-Week!

Welcome to a brand new academic year, everyone!  And more importantly, welcome to all the new students joining us at Western this year! I had the opportunity to join in some of the O-Week events and it truly made me miss being a frosh.  As a past soph, I can't tell you how excited I... Continue Reading →

How To Improve Your Memory

With finals coming up soon, I thought I would share some useful study tips to help you all improve your recall.  Since I'm in science, my courses are extremely heavy on memorization.  Often it's hard to remember everything, especially when the information seems like a bunch of random facts and isolated details.  I've picked out... Continue Reading →

Homemade Quest Bars

For those of you who have never heard of a Quest bar, they are one of the newest stars on the protein bar market.  The reason why everyone is raving over them is because they contain 20 grams of protein per bar, with almost 0 grams of sugar and packed full of fiber. Often times,... Continue Reading →


I just finished watching the men's final hockey game of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics!!  Canada was invincible against the Swedes, scoring three goals and denying Sweden any goals throughout the game.  For a team that gets together once every four years to face off with other countries, I am very impressed by the companionship,... Continue Reading →

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