Losing Motivation?

We're reaching the end of midterm season (aka the beginning of finals season) and for me, this is usually the time when I lose a lot of my motivation.  At the beginning of school, I was ready to learn, excited to open my textbooks (now I cry knowing how much I've paid for them), and... Continue Reading →

The Debate on Bird Courses

You're probably thinking, omg Virginia, please stop writing about school.  Tell me there's more in your life.  There isn't, but my brain has very helpfully prepared itself for finals season by shutting down and responding only to school related topics.  It's a bleak life.  Anyways, since first semester is almost over, people have already started... Continue Reading →

Conquering Inadequacy

Most of the midterms are done, marks are being posted, and you lean back and think about how well you're doing.  The next day in class, the teacher tells everyone the class average and without a second thought, you compare it to your mark.  You ask your friend how they did and you compare yourself... Continue Reading →

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