Creativity in your World

How many of you watch Netflix seemingly all day long? I know I do. I consume seasons on Netflix almost as fast as I consume snacks while watching said shows. Television is a great way to relax in the evening after spending all day studying and going to classes. Here’s a question I’d like to... Continue Reading →

The Bugatti Chiron

After months of waiting to see the younger sister of the record breaking Bugatti Veyron, the much anticipated Bugatti Chiron was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this past week. Snazzy, eh? Okay, so maybe the Chiron looks a little interesting. It does appear quite sleek and modern, which is a bonus, and much of... Continue Reading →

Hidden Games

Are you bored? Do you have time to waste?   Dinosaur Race on Chrome The number one top fear of university students is not having internet (Don’t cite me on this). So when that little dinosaur pops up on Chrome, saying you are not connected to the internet, it can make your heart stutter. Fear... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Did and Didn’t Do This Week

  What I Did: Watched all of the first season of IZombie Uncovered my desk Got the police check I needed three years ago Read the Serenity book and then watched the movie Made cookies with a friend   What I Didn’t Do: Applied Math Biology Chemistry Physics SciFi English  

What do You Make of Valentine’s Day?

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? If you don’t have a significant other, this question can be a cringe. I have a date with pizza and Netflix, you might answer back. Or, Nothing, my life sucks and I hate everybody. Go be all lovey-dovey somewhere else. Maybe it’s, My significant other and I are cooking... Continue Reading →

Out of Context- a Week in My Life

A week in the life of me; a medical science student/daughter/part-time worker/gamer, through out of context quotations.   “Now, let’s look at the pressure gradient. That is, if you believe pressure gradients even exist.”   “He drunk my soul as a breakfast smoothie, so I ate his spleen for breakfast. Only one of those was a metaphor,... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Interesting Neurological Conditions

Cotard Disorder People who suffer from Cotard disorder believe they are dead. They believe that they have died, and are still walking around the mortal world. Many hallucinate their skin rotting, limbs falling off, and refuse to eat because they are dead and dead people don’t need to eat. It is a very dangerous delusion,... Continue Reading →

The Peril of New Classes

Week two is done (not that any of us are counting!), and hopefully you’ve settled into a rhythm again. The first week of a semester is busy and yet very idle at the same time. You have to remember where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there, what you need to bring,... Continue Reading →

Musings from a Mjolnir Enthusiast

Whenever I watch the Avengers, or read the comics, I’m always enthralled by the idea of Mjolnir. It’s a hammer, but so much more. It’s the freaking machine of death. But it’s more than just a killing machine. It has magical properties, most often recognized by the lightening Thor can summon by it, or that... Continue Reading →

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