Social Stang


Hellooooooo Mustangs!

Ever felt like you wanted to talk to someone about your relationships but not sure who to reveal your thoughts to? Are you seeking advice on how to manage stress, and balance school and social life? Do you have an interest in expanding your social horizons but not sure what clubs, committees or councils to join? No worries, I am here for you!

Feel free to ask your question in the “Post” space below and you will receive a response from me posted on this page.

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5 responses to “Social Stang

  1. I’m a first year student living in residence and I haven’t made many meaningful connections yet and would like to become more involved. Orientation week and clubs week are over. I am interested in more social opportunities. Is it too late!?

    • Hey!

      There are lots of available options to get involved around Western. The easiest way is to make friends is by fully engaging in a club or similar activity. I recommend that you find something you enjoy or are passionate about and seeing if there is an organization based around that. For example, if you are vegan there is a vegan club; if you like singing there is a student choir; and it you are passionate about human health, there is Médecins sans frontières/Doctors Without Borders. Furthermore, most departments and faculties have specific clubs (e.g. French Club, Political Science Association, etc). You can find clubs and contact details here:

      Faculties also have Student Councils which often have tons of positions. You can go to your faculty’s website to find contact information. If sports are your strength, I recommend getting in touch with either your floor rep or your residence rep and finding out what sports teams your residence has. Your representatives will also be able to connect you to residence-specific events and activities, which is quite handy since you won’t have far to go.

      If jumping into a club or group sounds a bit intimidating, I recommend you take small steps to make connections such as sitting beside someone new in lecture halls and starting up a conversation. Or, when you see people in your residence’s common room, try to join in on the conversation—maybe even go so far as to engage with whomever has his or her door open on your floor. You may think it’s weird to just strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, but really you only have friendship to gain and nothing to lose. Best of luck!

  2. I regularly attended services at my church at home and participated in many events organized through my congregation. How can I make connections while at western to my faith?

    • Hi FaithandLove,

      There are a few different ways to get involved with your faith community while in London. The simplest way is to pull out a map and find a church that worships according to your denomination. You can attend its services and slowly become a member of that church’s congregation. Depending on how involved you want to be, you might want to also consider attending coffee socials, Bible groups, etc.

      Of course, it can be intimidating going to a new church alone. Consider bringing a friend who either shares your religion or is simply willing to worship with you.

      If you aren’t sure of who to bring with you, try finding a student faith club to meet other religious students. Western has a variety of faith-based clubs that cater to most religious denominations ( If you are Catholic, you should consider looking at the faith-based activities that take place at King’s College (King’s is a Catholic school). King’s also offers Sunday mass on a regular basis, and it is targeted at youth.

      Best of luck getting involved in your faith!


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