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Mmmm what’s that smell coming from UCC? None other than a Spoke bagel of course. I know everything about food ranging from residence cafeterias to gourmet style deliciousness at The Wave on campus. Also, if you have any questions about good places to eat off campus, how to find catering for your events, and making the most of your advantages and deals as a Western student, ask me!

Feel free to ask your question in the “Post” space below and you will receive a response from me posted on this page.

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6 responses to “Chef Stang

    • Hey VeganForLife!

      Unfortunately, there are not many vegan options on campus. I have tried long and hard to find some myself, and I have to confess that the easiest option for vegans to eat on campus is by bringing your own food.

      There are a few options in Centre Spot, such as the veggie burger at Harvey’s (skip the cheese and mayo) and some of the pitas at PitaPit. Pizza Pizza’s pizza is vegan if you avoid cheese, cream sauces and meat toppings. The Spoke has a veggie wrap (again, hold the cheese). At Tim Hortons, vegans can have the apple danish and coffee. Tim Hortons does not have non-dairy milk, but Starbucks does.

      You can also go to the grocery store in the basement and buy fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and mixed candies (be sure to avoid gummy candies since they usually contain gelatin).

      Since most of the restaurants in the UCC are national chains, you can usually do a quick internet search of whatever menu item you want to quickly see if its vegan.

  1. Dear Chef Stang,
    Where can I find catering for a formal meet-and-greet event for Ivey. I’m organizing it at Western to be held in The Mustang Lounge. I’m hoping to get insight on the least pricey options.

    • Hello,

      There are many options that you have for formal catering. Using the information that you’ve given me, it is hard to give you a definitive answer for which catering service you should use. Much of the cost will depend on what sort of food you want to offer. To keep things simple, I’m going to assume that when you say you want the lowest-cost option that you are simply hoping to provide drinks and food with no servers.

      One of the first options you should look into is the catering service offered by Loblaws. You can choose from a variety of cheese, deli, sandwich, baked goods and fruit platters, all economically priced. Of course, the costs are kept low because they will only make the food—they neither deliver nor set up the food at your venue. When you go to pick up your food platters, you can also grab bulk juice and cups for drinks.

      If you want to add coffee, the most convenient option is through the Spoke café, which is in the same building as the Mustang Lounge. You can purchase “Barista Boxes” of coffee, each box serving 8-10 cups for just shy of $16/box. If you want to serve muffins with your coffee, the Spoke can provide you with muffins at a cost of $10.99/dozen (this is also a great option if you want a light snack of only coffee and muffins). Admittedly, this isn’t the most formal option but it is quick and easy.

      If you are looking for more variety, you will have to increase the amount you spend. Great Hall Catering, part of Housing and Ancillary Services here at Western, produces food for receptions and lunches. For this, you’re looking at higher costs but it is a more professional service with a greater variety, so depending on your desired atmosphere this may be a better option.

      There are numerous caters around the London area, but most are competitively priced with Great Hall Catering and none offer the convenience of being on campus.

      I am also going to provide you with the recommendation that you avoid catering all together. I am a club executive for one of Western’s clubs, and we have never needed to hire catering. Since we pay for our food with our member’s dues (and we want to keep the dues as low as possible), we simply purchase bulk drinks (pop, juice) and snacks (sandwiches, cookies, brownies, cakes) from local bakeries, Costco and M&M Meats. We set up the food ourselves and voilà! the same effect as a fully catered event for a fraction of the cost. It’s amazing how a couple nice trays and a few table clothes can make any event look formal.

      I wish you the best of luck in deciding what option you want to pursue. If you need any more details, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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