Arts Stang


Hello everyone!

I’m here to answer your questions about all things artsy at Western. I have all the information you need to know about campus theatrical performances, clubs, art shows, musical concerts, and even courses in the arts.

Feel free to ask your question in the “Post” space below and you will receive a response from me posted on this page.

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5 responses to “Arts Stang

  1. Hi Arts Stang
    I am a first year science student and I need your help. I’ve been a cellist for the youth orchestra all throughout high school and I want to keep playing so I dont lose everything I learned, but I dont know where to look! Is there a way that a non-music student could be involved in orchestra/ensemble/chamber music or anything musical(!) at Western?

  2. Arts stang,
    I am a HUGE fan of musicals and theatre performances. Is there a decent venue in London, and if so are the performances good?

    • Hey CulturalGirl!

      Luckily for you, Western and the surrounding region cater to the theatre crowd. The main source that you should look into is Theatre Western. This is a student-run program that puts on a variety of artistic productions (some of them taken straight from Broadway and others written by Western students). Unfortunately, their website is not up to date so it may be hard to find current productions and their performance times. If you want, you can contact Patrick Callegaro, the Theatre Western Coordinator, at

      Slightly west of main campus is Huron University College’s Huron Underground Drama Society. The HUDS is an active performance group and it puts on a few different performances that are often student-written and edgy in nature.

      The best parts about Western Theatre and HUDS—besides their good location—is the low-price and the possibility of getting involved with them should you be interested.

      Of course, it’s always nice to take time to leave campus and get immersed in London. There is a large number of theatre (both musical and non-musical) throughout the city. You can visit to see a list of current productions from a variety of London performance groups. This website will provide you with performance dates, times, location, and even reviews and summaries. In terms of specific theatre groups, the Grand Theatre is perhaps the best known. Not to be missed is the Palace Theatre (, which is the home of the London Community Players.

      If you are really ambitions, you can leave the city and travel to some Southwestern Ontario’s famous production companies. Most famous is the Stratford Festival, which is celebrated for its Shakespeare and Broadway productions. Kitchener’s Centre in the Square tends to have more modern, Broadway-like productions. Grand Bend’s Huron County Playhouse is my personal favourite and has a large variety of first-class productions. Finally, the Blyth Festival is a rural favourite known as a starting spot for emerging artists. The latter two theatres would require personal transportation to access from London, whereas Stratford and Kitchener are only a bus or train ride away.

      Hopefully you can use this information as a starting guide. I wish you the best of luck in entering the theatre world!

  3. Dear Arts Stang
    I am a creative student and I want to do my own thing in my arts class, but the profs want everyone to basically do the same thing. It’s slowly killing the budding artist in me. What do I do?

    • Hi there WannaBeArtist!

      Education is supposed to help enlighten us, but sometimes it can hinder us more than it helps us. It sounds like you are being forced to conform to your professors’ requirements and understandably you want more freedom to create inspired pieces of art. Although this won’t be what you want to hear, the simple fact is that you need to toss aside your own artist visions so that you can get your course credits.

      I don’t mean that you need to be a conformist at all times, but you must carefully pick and choose your own battles. I recommend that in most cases you do not fight your professors and instead follow their instructions. Nevertheless, you can try to add originality to your works but before doing anything too drastic you might want to meet with your professor.

      Since it can be hard to be unique when constricted by your professors, I recommend that you find a creative outlet. You should aim to find some way to express yourself on your own time, whether that be through a personal hobby (e.g. painting on your own time), a club (e.g. joining Western Choir) or a community group (e.g. volunteering at a museum, taking lessons at an art co-op). I highly recommend looking into whether Western has a club based on your art form. Clubs are an easy and convenient way to get involved in the Western community. Clubs give you have a regular meeting time and they provide a support network. Here, you can freely express yourself, receive constructive criticism, and get lots of compliments!


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