The Gift of Giving

opened white and red gift box

Streets and fields covered with snow, a cozy fire burning in the fireplace, a steaming cup of hot cocoa and a decked out Christmas tree complete with a pile of presents under the tree; signs of a classic Christmas, like the kind you see in movies. The holiday season is right around the corner with Spotify already recommending Christmas playlists featuring Mariah Carey and Michael Buble. But this holiday season let’s attempt to do something different, something that really emphasizes the true spirit of Christmas and help out those in need. Below is a list of 5 things you can do this holiday season to make a difference in your community.

1. Participate in a Toy Drive

focus photo of super mario luigi and yoshi figurines

Most malls have a toy drive running during the holiday season. So when you’re out shopping for gifts for your younger siblings or cousins why not buy an extra unwrapped toy and donate it?

2. Free Rice Game

abundance agricultural agriculture arm

The free rice game is an online quiz game run with partnership from the World Food Programme that donates ten grains of rice for every question you get right. I answered 40 and the website donated 400 grains of rice to people around the world. It’s a fun Christmas morning or Christmas Eve Activity to play with your friends and family why you help out the less fortunate at the same time! Go to the link below to check out the game!

3. #TreatsForToys

assorted plastic toy on yellow surface

This one can be done in just 2 easy steps. Build a treat inspired by your favourite toy as a child using Rice Krispies. Then post a picture of your creation to your social media using the #TreatsForToys. For every treat you make Rice Krispies Canada donates one toy!

4. Volunteer at the Centre for Hope

people taking groupie near bridge

Or you could volunteer at the Centre for Hope. The Centre for Hope gives out 6000 food baskets and 6600 toys every Christmas. Help them out with toy sorting and distribution, hamper packing, driver support or volunteer as a delivery driver.

5. Clothing Donations

person holding brown dress shirt

This holiday season gather up your old clothes, clothes that are too small for you and especially any winter clothes you can find and donate them to your local Salvation Army. Help those less fortunate stay warm this Christmas!



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