6 Steps To Survive your All-nighter

Another year at western has already started and our calendars are already getting marked for quizzes, midterms and essays. Students often find themselves procrastinating for yet another test or midterm, just to find themselves pulling another all-nighter. Over my years in high school, I believe that I have gained enough experience to give advice to my fellow students so that they can perfect this life skill. Before I launch into this post, I would like to advise you to avoid having an all-nighter in the first place because of its various harms on the body; However, since many will find no alternative but to face this fate, here are some tips to pull the most efficient all-nighter.

1. Take A Nap (in preparation beforehand)

Taking a nap before having an all-nighter is extremely beneficial, mentally and physically. Heavy eyelids will prevent you from getting work done so taking a nap will drastically increase your alertness. A study showed that a 40 minute nap will increase alertness by 100%!

2. Plan & Come Prepared!

Make a list of subjects and material that you need to study so that you do not waste time browsing through the book to look for important points. Make sure that you have all your lectures completed and in order to maximize your efficiency.

3. Bring Snacks

A very good way to keep yourself a wake while studying is to snack smart. Snacks will stimulate your body to keep you awake, and they will also provide your brain with the energy it needs to keep doing its job. Examples of such snacks are greek yogurt and sunflower seeds.

4. Coffee & energy drinks

Even though caffeine is frowned upon by doctors, it might be your last option to stay awake. Be warned! Large doses of caffeine can have negative effects on your body: increased blood pressure, reduced control of motor movements, anxiety, and long term insomnia. However, taking lower doses of caffeine can increase your memory and cognitive skills and give you an energy boost which you will probably need to keep working!

5. Take Short Breaks (and do something physical)

Every once in a while, take a short break so that you don’t lose interest in studying. Keep yourself entertained during these breaks by watching short YouTube videos or going on social networks. If you find yourself getting sleepy, do some exercise! 10 pushups will get you up and running in no time. Make sure that you don’t nap during that time! it will only make you more sleepy! However, do not get carried into the break and forget about what you should be doing, make sure that you keep watch of time (7-14 minute breaks for every hour of studying should be good enough to keep you going)

6. A Cold Shower & A Nutritional Breakfast

You made it! After a long time of studying, you are now in a hangover-like state. The best way to get you refreshed again is to take a cold shower. Cold showers are know to improve your mood, blood circulation and immune strength. After the cold shower, what you need is a nutritional meal that would provide you with the energy that would help your brain and body to function properly and effectively to do well on that exam or midterm!

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