11 Ways to Save Money as a Student

1. Use the coupons from your student handbook.

The student handbook Western puts out every year often has a few coupons in the back that can be pretty useful. Most of them are for food vendors, but there might be a couple useful entertainment coupons as well.

2. Shop at thrift stores like Goodwill and Value Village.

I feel like thrift stores are severely under-rated. Half of my clothes come from thrift stores; I’ve found some really nice stuff from there. Best of all, most of the stuff at places like Value Village is under or around $10, so you can get cute clothes without spending a whack-ton of money.

3. Take advantage of student discounts.

There are a few stores that give special student discounts, like Topshop, Roots and La Senza, if you show them a valid student ID. You can find a list of all the places that offer student discounts here. Take advantage of this list.

4. Get an SPC card.

A lot of stores that don’t give student discounts with ID will take an SPC card, including Forever 21, Bentley and food places like Booster Juice, Boston Pizza and Jack Astor’s. The card is $10, and most of the places that take it will give you a discount of around 10%. So if you do the math, if you spend about $100 a year on entertainment/clothing/food, the card pays for itself.

5. Sign up for the email newsletters of companies you buy from.

Look, email newsletters can be annoying. But they often come with coupon codes you won’t find anywhere else and notifications for sales that can save you a lot of money.

6. Take advantage of rewards programs.

A lot of places have specific rewards programs, which can help save you money in the long term. For instance, just becoming a Sephora Beauty Insider can get you a free birthday gift, and collecting points from purchases can also get you free gifts. I’m also a member of The Body Shop’s rewards program, because I get a lot of products from there, and it’s fairly easy for me to hit $10 off rewards.

7. Find relevant Facebook buy/sell groups.

There are a lot of buy/sell Facebook groups, both specific to Western and London at large. I know several friends who’ve sold and bought items off the site, and it’s often a good way to find items you want at discounted prices and make a little bit of money in a pinch.

8. Sell your old textbooks.

I’m pretty sure most people already do this, but it’s easy to make a little bit of money on the side by selling off old textbooks you’re not going to use again. You can do this one of two ways: either sell them through the Bookstore (you can look up how much money you can expect to get here), or by the Western Used Textbooks for Sale Facebook group.

9. Use Groupon.

You can find a lot of good deals on Groupon. Not only can you find discounted entertainment options (like discounts on escape rooms or bowling), but you can also find services, like waxing or spa treatments, and goods like spare headphones, for a lot cheaper than you’d normally find them.

10. Use a coupon or flyer app to keep track of sales.

I personally use Flipp, because I have a small wallet and hate lugging around a bunch of cards. Flipp can help you find out where an item is on sale and find coupons for it, and it even collects your rewards cards so you can scan them easily.

11. Use Honey.

I know Honey has been making the rounds on YouTube right lately, but it’s something I’ve been using for the last couple years, and I’m mentioning it because it’s been very useful to me. Honey is a free browser extension for Chrome that collects discounts codes and can help save you both money and the time you would’ve spent searching the web for those codes. All in all, it’s pretty neat.

Author’s Note: I am not affiliated in any way with the services mentioned in this post, nor is any part of this sponsored.



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