Wage Gap Protest Questioned

The Morrissey House pub now offers female customers a discount to comment on the inequality in job wages, but some Western students are debating: has this made a difference?

As of January 6th, female pub-goers are offered a 13% discount for meals on Monday nights. On the Morrissey house blog, pub owner Mark Serre states that the purpose of the initiative is to start a conversation about the wage gap. According to Statistics Canada, Canadian women earn 87 cents for every dollar earned by Canadian men. Some Western students were asked their opinions regarding the effectiveness of the initiative.

“This is someone putting their money where their mouth is,” Devanshi Shukla, a second-year integrated science student, said. “They’re willing to make less money to draw their customers’ attention to the issue.”

Charlotte Kurs, a second-year political science student, explains that the issue of the wage gap is one that has been given attention for some time. “At this point, people know there’s a wage gap. Just pointing it out won’t really get people talking,” Kurs said.

The initiative received international coverage when one Londoner deemed it discriminatory towards men. The man stated his intentions to file a formal gender-discrimination complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal should the pub not revoke this offer. As a result, the story of the man’s complaint was covered by the CBC, BBC, USA Today, CTV and Fox News.

“If all they really wanted to do is start the conversation again, then all this guy’s complaint has really done is help them out,” said Kurs.

“People are talking about it on an international level which is a really big deal” Shukla added. “He’s just giving the restaurant and the cause more publicity, which only helps what they were trying to do: get a conversation going.”

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  1. I would suggest, that the current ‘pay transparency’ legislation proposed (March 2018) by the Ontario Liberals, might mean that someone was actually listening to the conversation? I really hope so! We definitely do not take credit for that conversation by the way, but we were delighted and surprised that people listened and that it evoked dialogue- even though our servers had to put up with some pretty awful comments!


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