To the woman who refuses to conform to the J.Crew-Banana Republic aesthetic. To the woman who wants to embrace her androgynous style by combining all the things she loves. This one is for you. The blazer is yours to keep. It’s no longer restricted to the powerful man. The powerful woman is here and wants to express her individuality and importance too. Blazers can be edgy and sophisticated. Here are 5 ways to stand out in this classic dapper combination: the beloved white button-down and black blazer.

1. Form-fitting and classy, and as a result, extremely flattering. Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a business rendezvous, a neat blazer with strong shoulders over a crisp white button down polishes your presentation. The monochromatic colour scheme is timeless and gender-free. Heather grey cuffed slacks and a thin black belt tie the look together. Whether you accessorize with shiny onyx loafers or heels is up to you. Both breezily finish this professional look.

2.  It’s easy to feel limited when it comes to styling formal attire—and while pantsuits are the rage in female power-dressing, they only evoke power when worn in moderation. Thankfully, the traditional lines between men and women’s dress wear are slowly beginning to merge, setting the stage for masculine flair. This elevated play-on-tuxedo is distinguished. Bowties replace necklaces in accessorizing an outfit to pull this sharp look together. Follow this outfit structure for your evening events, mixing up colours and patterns depending on how you feel.

3.  Powerful unisex- inspired fashion works just as well on the street. One universal tip that will save you from shopping nightmares or wardrobe failures is to buy loose, unembellished monochromatic clothing. Layering these long, drapy pieces flatters any silhouette. A stylish longline blazer, sleek and casual, can be oversized, classic black, waterfall or tailored.

4.  Rocking a blazer in midday combines ease and finesse. Loose and fitted, black and blue. Medium- wash boyfriend jeans sitting snugly on the hips always pair cleanly with a basic black blazer. It’s about comfort with an edge—and the possibility for accessories is vast. A chunky coloured belt; a thin scarf; a flashy fedora. This outfit is a universal favourite. It’s one of the good ones, folded neatly in your closet waiting to be chosen for a coffee date or a walk in the park.

5.  This formal outfit is sexy and flows freely, mirroring your ability to flow between feminine and masculine expression. This outfit is a statement juxtaposing fashion’s linear structures and the fluidity of gender lines. Masculine and feminine are balanced with this attractive boy-cut blazer and culottes, a contemporary twist on the skirt. It’s the epitome of a classy outfit: one that can vibe for any person.

Let the blazer be a reflection of everything you love. Dress it up, dress it down–dress it for you and everything you want the world to see in you.


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