ART, Created by: AI

Recently, engineers and artists have been experimenting with artificial intelligence to see if machines can expand into the artistic realm. After feeding the algorithm with a plethora of artistic works, the formula will generate a wide array of imageries, poetries and music. As of now, AI still needs creative input from humans to assist in making new artistic works. However, at the current rate, the world will soon come to experience completely AI-generated artistic pieces. The accomplishment will be an incredible feat for engineers and move our society another step forward in the world of technology.

The AI’s ability to expand into artistic realms is impressive but it also holds significant ramifications regarding the ever increasing power and influence of technology. As of now, technology has managed to bleed into almost every aspect of the modern world. Most parts of our daily routines are facilitated by machines and AI. Decades of math algorithms, technological improvements and scientific discoveries have undoubtedly improved our standard of living. However, there is a fine line between being an innovative master who creates machines to improve his or her life versus an innovative machine running its creator.

Each human has a unique perspective on life. Our different backgrounds, upbringing, culture and religion creates a distinct filter we see life through. How frightening is it that despite of our distinctive human existence, the common denominator that bleeds into every aspect of our lives is AI. Among the pillars of human creation, the artistic realm was one of the few that remained untouched by AI. The artistic world is governed by unconventional and innovative ideas. Art, colour and rhythm derive from unpredictable human creativity. This free flowing and rare creativity should not be subjected to rigid algorithms and formulas. Artistry would suffer in the hands of AI. Unlike medicine, science and engineering, it is not a field that can be improved by AI. If anything AI might encumber and destroy the meaning of unique creativity.

1173623Humans possess never ending creativity. We have challenged the normal realm of creating music and art pieces to building machines that can replicate our own performance. Ironically, it was this same unique creativity that brought AI into fruition and allowed it to bleed into areas best left alone. The all-encompassing influence of AI has begun to infect the last standing human creation that was pure and free from algorithms and formulas. It might be the darling creation that will come to bite the hand that feeds it.


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