Lottery of Life

To say the past few years have been a bit hard on the heart is an understatement. Humanity has suffered more than a few devastating blows. From fallen governments to Paris attacks to North Korean nuclear tests, crises are striking at increasing frequency and with alarming force.

The frequency and force partly comes from deeply-embedded antagonism among nations, religions and cultures. Our inability to learn and unwillingness to accept what we do not understand have led to a fog of ignorance. Our biggest mistake is not that we have developed a fog of ignorance, but rather our willingness to act upon it. Has our alliance to religion and invisible borders finally gotten powerful enough to tear the fabric of humanity?

The most despairing thought is these perceived religious differences and political conflicts are solvable. Granted, it will be hard to do so, but it is not impossible to reach neutral agreement from both parties. We are suffering from global social conflicts and political grapple for power, which are both internal problems that only exist on our Earth. The universe is not concerned with such petty problems. The natural course of asteroids, planetary rotation and constellation runs at its own magical realm and abides by a force much greater than us, putting our social and political conflicts into perspective.

We must realize that these are simply internal problems that are avoidable if we all adopt empathy and an open mind. Trump administration’s Muslim ban is the epitome of unnecessary division between the human race. The administration claims that by turning away refugees and Muslims, the possibility of terrorism will decrease and employment for the American people will increase. When you boil down Trump’s proposition, which is presented in a way to appear reasonable, it is simply an action of exclusivity and hate. In the long run, it is irrational to pit one against another when we face greater forces. On such a trajectory, these actions will simply streamline the inevitable social demise of our Earth. It is essential that we collectively understand that the lottery of life is all by random chance. We did not choose the colour of our skin, our culture, our gender or our religion, therefore we cannot punish people for what they did not choose.

This may be chastised as a naively utopian thought that should not be entertained since it is impossible to achieve. However, social conflict and gravel for political power are simply invisible constructs we have created in our system of hierarchy. It is not as if the Earth is suffering from an irreconcilable external problem like natural disaster or an epidemic. We are physically and verbally gravelling for the intangible concept of power and control while putting the health of our Earth and its citizens at risk. After centuries of evolution, it seems like we have not evolved much after all.



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