Media Fog

The amount of political pieces written about Donald Trump’s policies have been overdone. From views yielding hefty consequences to controversial comments, every word Trump utters has been scrutinized and praised from all angles. Every political piece, article and post scrambling to change your support to galvanize their respective parties.

The post is not meant to change your opinion. A shift in perspective comes from rare firsthand experiences. Such musings and political opinions are just small murmurs in our never-ending consciousness. At most, you will retain a vague gist of an article or a memorable sentence in a political piece you read a few months or years ago. You may bring it up as a discussion point next lunch or forget the theme of the article even before finishing it. But never underestimate the gradual buildup of small but significant speculations. These random perspectives eventually gather to build your overall perspective on an issue.

The media banks on such undetected compliance. A compliance from people who are keen on being ‘informed’ and ‘worldly’, yet oblivious to each newspaper’s political alliance. Each story is meant to sell, to be heard, to be talked about. Every detail you see on the news has been preselected and trial tested, far from organic and unfiltered. Every piece of information is preselected, the tone of the reporter, the gender of the reporter, the colours you see, the font, headings, pop ups, and the list drones on.

Slow and steady, the most lethal kind of influence. It will become so deeply-rooted that your opinion on the issue will come seemingly natural with little to no trace of artificial influence. You will truly believe it is your own even though it has been tampered with.

You may think this is a dramatic take on media and its representations, but it has already yielded much power over you. When was the last time you based a decision on a news article? The ‘objective’ piece you read on CNN that presented convincing facts on the oil situation? Consistently liberal. Or the seemingly neutral article on National Post about immigration policies? Mostly conservative. And you may ask, so what? So what if my news source is ‘slightly’ or ‘conservatively’ right or left wing?

It is only a ‘so what’ issue until irrational policies like immigration ban is no longer just a theoretical nightmare. Or when a women’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is disregarded by external factors as impersonal as an anti-abortion law. Which leads to another question that has been asked and answered by media outlets. How do you change someone’s perception on an entire religion, race and way of life that is so different from theirs?

By being slow and steady- the most lethal kind of influence, after all.









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