Capitalize On Your Successes in 2017

Now that we’ve settled ourselves into a new year, it’s time to pause and take a step back before continuing to run ahead. In this case, stop doesn’t mean go, and go means yellow. Three weeks have passed since making your new year’s resolutions and I’m betting that most of you have tossed that cliché claim to a better lifestyle out the window. It’s not your fault… we all get caught up in the frenzies of school, friends, family, and Netflix. This year, instead of trying to guilt you into regaining your already failing resolution, I want to present you with an alternate route.

First, what’s the difference between resolution and reflection? Resolution simply solves a problem, while reflection wonders why that problem even existed. So, reflect. Instead of trying to pinpoint the specific problems and failures you might have encountered last year, focus on the successes and triumphs. Then, reflect on how your successes came to fruition when your failures didn’t. Go ahead, make a mental list. Before you can capitalize on your previous successes, you have to understand why they happened. Don’t be afraid to praise yourself. You worked hard and earned it – whether it was acing your first class, talking to that cute boy in the library, or running twice a week. Now, think about how you went about achieving that success. Positive change doesn’t have to happen overnight. Sometimes, it takes days or weeks to improve a bad habit. But when you actively keep a positive mindset, you don’t even realize the additional benefits you’re reaping. For example, committing yourself to running twice a week isn’t limited to just that; likely, you’ll start incorporating more protein and vitamins into your diet which will in turn give you more energy throughout the day. Working up the courage to talk to that cute boy at the library might give you enough confidence to participate in tutorial. See what I mean?

Now, back to the main point. Reflection, reflection, reflection! It’s the key to making positive changes that last. Focus on what you did right, instead of what you did wrong. This year, to make positive change a constant aspect of your lifestyle, I encourage you to write down your victories. Small or big, they all count. Let them serve as a reminder to you for what exists when you focus on the positive, believe in yourself, and work hard.


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