Finding your Pace

Prior to entering my first year of university, I made countless goals. I wrote down the grades I wished to achieve, the extracurricular activities I hoped to join, and the leadership opportunities I would strive for. My high school career was devoted to getting into university, and I was expecting to devote my university experience... Continue Reading →

Analyzing the VS Fashion Show

I came up with the idea for this article after recalling a conversation that I had with a friend back in high school. It was the beginning of December, and she had asked if I had watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show the night before. I raised my eyebrows and looked at her in disbelief.... Continue Reading →

Mental Health is No Game : a PSA

I designed this poster to raise awareness about the reality and seriousness of mental health, and increase viewers’ understanding of those struggling with an invisible illness. I decided upon my my target audience--viewers between the ages of 14 and 50 (with video game experience)--because this demographic is highly affected by mental health issues and has lots of contact... Continue Reading →


If you have not encountered a picture with the hashtag “NoNewFriends” on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed, you’re one of the lucky ones. On a weekly basis, I see captions on photos of friends proudly claiming “no new friends”, and every time I do I question the poster’s intentions. The phrase “no new friends”... Continue Reading →

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