Halloween 101: A Guide to Looking and Feeling Great


October is officially upon us. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the UCC is filled with Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Hunter boots. For many students, as soon as Fall arrives, we are burdened with an important question: what to be for Halloween.

Halloween has always been my favourite holiday. I have vivid memories of visiting the pumpkin patch, carving Jack-O-Lanterns, and spending countless hours in search of the perfect costume. While dressing as Shrek may have won me Best Dressed in grade four, it’s safe to say that it would not make the cut at a Western party.

In today’s social culture, a “suitable” costume is easy… as long as your willing to add “sexy” in front of its title. From “sexy cat” to “naughty police”, the options of promiscuity are endless. Halloween is problematic for me, not because women show off skin, but because of the pressure to do so. It is imperative to note that you, as always, have a choice. Instead of degrading women for deciding to over or under dress, we should be encouraging women to wear what empowers them and makes them feel confident. On Halloween, and every other day, women need to feel free to express themselves, and that they are able to choose an outfit based on factors outside of social standards.

My argument is not for or against revealing clothing, but rather for the promotion of choice. Choosing to cover up this Halloween will not alter others’ opinions of you, nor your social status. In fact, I can almost guarantee that your peers will be so preoccupied with their own attire that they won’t pay much attention to yours. Halloween is about self expression – not social conformity. Whether it’s your first university costume experience, or you’re a Halloween veteran, it’s never too late to switch up your norm, if that norm is based on others’ ideals.

That being said – enjoy the holiday! Don’t put too much pressure on what party you’re attending or the costume you’re wearing. Stay true to yourself and your Halloween is guaranteed to be a success.


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