Reducing Stress Through Meditation

When I used to hear the word “meditation”, I used to imagine a person hovering in the air, cross-legged, chanting the word “OMMM”. Right? Is that what you imagine too? But when I actually started reading about meditation and practicing it, I soon realized it was much more than that. The meditation I practice does... Continue Reading →

How can I get to where I want to be?

How can I get to where I want to be? It’s a seemingly simple question on the surface, but one that most of us struggle to answer on a regular basis. University is arguably one of the most transformative time periods in a young person’s life, and quarter-life revelations are natural occurrences. Whether you have... Continue Reading →

We’re better than him

BoJack Horseman is Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s cartoon sitcom created in a species-mixed world of animals. As the third season just ended in July, most people actually just began to watch the TV show recently. They posted lots of screenshots as a kind of fashion trend—they could find an echo in their lives from actor’s lines. However,... Continue Reading →

The Holy Syllabus

Throwback to one year ago- I’m in my first semester of my freshman year at Western University. The craziness of O-week has finally faded away, I don’t get lost on my way to class anymore, I’ve finally figured out which residence shower has the best water pressure, and even though it’s only been a month,... Continue Reading →

One Love: More than One Day

Coming to Western was a huge change. Sure, I'm only a couple hours away from home, but the sudden independence is taking a while to get used to. I especially wasn't expecting orientation week to be the way it was. The concerts and late nights turned early mornings definitely took a toll on me by... Continue Reading →

Brangelina: The End of an Era

It’s official: Brangelina is over. Cry, yell, scream, do whatever you need to do to get over the fact that Hollywood’s favourite power couple is getting divorced. I, for one, will not shed a tear. Rather, you’ll find me sitting in front of my computer, popcorn in hand. Over the past few weeks, I’ve gone... Continue Reading →

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