Creativity in your World

Creativity Beginning

How many of you watch Netflix seemingly all day long?

I know I do. I consume seasons on Netflix almost as fast as I consume snacks while watching said shows. Television is a great way to relax in the evening after spending all day studying and going to classes.

Here’s a question I’d like to pose to you- how often do you consume content versus create content?

I know it’s easier to consume than it is to create. Watching Netflix is easy; just sit back and enjoy the amazing world that somebody else created, with all your favourite characters and their tantalizing scenarios. Listening to music is also fun and easy. Just plug into Spotify or Youtube to hit up your favourite artist’s newest hit single and relax to the great tunes.

Watching Netflix

Creating is a little harder. Inspiration isn’t all that easy to come by, and often I get discouraged before I really get anywhere on what I’m working on.

But the benefits of creating content outweigh the benefits of consuming content. Have you ever finished a project you’ve worked long and hard on? That feeling is absolutely fantastic. And it’s even more fantastic when you can share it with the world.

Not all content you create has to be big. I write occasionally outside the blog, when I feel inspired to. (Read, when I’m in a boring class that I don’t want to pay attention in.) Sometimes, I only get a few sentences into a story, and the rest never ends up on paper. But just dreaming it up makes me happy.

I wrote one of my favourite sentences last week, that I’d like to share with you-

Incomprehensible stammers of errant consonants and vowels tumbled out of Fitz’ mouth as he desperately tried to say something, anything, to alert the arguing pair that he was listing sideways.

Writing that singular sentence made me feel fantastic because I knew I had created something great. Okay, so not Vincent Van Gogh great, but great to me.

Starry Night
Not My Level of Art

And writing isn’t the only content you can create. Doodle, if you like visuals. Plunk a few notes out on your piano, or strum a few chords on your guitar. Imagine your own little world where you are the leader. Knit your cat a sweater. Cross-stich a flower for your father.

I challenge you this week to devour less, and create more. See where that leads you.



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