The Bachelor: Every Rose Has a Thorn

ben higgins

Roses, dates, clothes…every single detail of The Bachelor is critiqued, dissected and discussed weekly by millions of women in America. Believe it or not, many have made a career out of watching people fall in love (yes, there is even a blog dedicated to providing readers with spoilers). No matter how controversial the show may seem, The Bachelor has become a worldwide sensation. And while I admit to being a self-professed “hater” of the show, one thing’s for sure: it never fails to create buzz.

There are many things to criticize and laugh about when it comes to The Bachelor. How is one supposed to believe that two people can fall in love with each other after a mere month of filming? Mind you, the producers encourage much of this behaviour, which is another issue that will be addressed. Nevertheless, whenever I see “fangirls” arguing on social media about the show, it really makes me question how anyone could become so invested in following a reality TV relationship.

Remember how I mentioned the producers earlier? When I was writing this post, I promised myself that I wouldn’t publish it without first discussing this group of individuals who have full creative control over the show’s narrative. Honestly, I’m surprised that people are reeled in by promotional videos that foreshadow an episode filled with arguments and drama. It’s no secret that The Bachelor is heavily edited. It’s a producer’s job to create excitement and intrigue. Just because there appears to be a “twist” doesn’t mean that it actually happens.

Another issue I have with the show is its ability to wrongly portray personalities and misconstrue words. Case in point: every season, producers will pinpoint a “villain” and manipulate him/her into saying things to provoke other contestants. It’s mean and cruel, but it makes for great TV. And we all know how much ABC loves its ratings. Producers will do anything to create drama – it’s what the show thrives on.

As for closing thoughts, I know that I’m in the minority when I say that The Bachelor is simply another fantastical reality show. Look at the facts – less than half the couples who ended the show engaged are together today. Yet for some strange reason, millions still tune in every Monday night to watch hearts being broken. This is America’s pastime, and it isn’t going to change anytime soon.


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