A letter to 16-year-old me..

Dear sixteen-year-old me,

Please stop worrying so much. It’s ridiculous and unnecessary. I know you probably think that high school is going to make or break you, but it’s really not. You’re probably in grade ten right now, so although you might be freaking out about your future career plans, university and all that “grown-up” stuff, don’t. You’re going to come to university and, in your first year, you’re going to learn so much about yourself and change your program altogether anyways. So until then, just enjoy being young, wild and free (for the most part).

Take more time for yourself. I know you always try to be there for everyone; you’re a people pleaser, and you still are for the most part. So please work on that, for future you’s sake. Think about doing the things that YOU love and enjoy so much and fully embrace them! Take on every opportunity that comes your way (which I know won’t be a problem for you), but don’t be disappointed if they don’t all work out. Trust me, it happened that way for a reason.

Count your blessings each and every single day. I hope you realize how incredibly lucky you are to have the friends, family and support system that you do. Here’s a heads up… the friends you have now are going to be the friends that stick around with you in the long run. Don’t take them for granted! Also, I know you’re probably going through that whole “your parents suck and don’t understand you” phase right about now, but honestly, your parents are the bomb in their own quirky ways. They love you so much and would do anything for you. As you get older, they will truly become some of your closest friends, especially in grade twelve: mom will have  your back for the whirlwind of emotions and drama that’s going to unfold. Know that you are unconditionally loved 🙂

You’re probably also feeling a little fed up with those piano lessons.. Well, that’s understandable as you’ve been doing that for most of your life and you’re maybe ready for something new. BUT, try and stay as positive minded as you can, because it will serve you well in the long run and is worth those blood, sweat and tears.

Take more chances! I’m serious. You’re such a stick in the mud. You don’t do anything out of your comfort zone, and it can be so invigorating to take risks. Now, don’t go and do something stupid and risk your life or anything, but this goes back to letting go of all that worry and just being spontaneous. High school is not all about getting “good” grades, whatever that means. Live a little! Go out, socialize, pull an all nighter. Nineteen-year-old you has still never stayed up all night cramming; change that.

Keep up the hard work. You have a phenomenal work ethic and are so motivated about everything. Hold on to that. It will serve you well in university and life in general, and as crazy as it may be, people actually admire that about you! So yes, continue to be that keener that we all know you are, but embrace it and own it because that’s just who you are!

Never lose sight of your self-worth. In high school it is so easy to try and conform, fit in and not be who you truly are. You are an incredibly fabulous human being (which one of your professors in University will remind you of daily). You do not need to ever change who you are just because it may not be what the vast majority is. As tacky as this sounds, you were born to stand out! Have some confidence in yourself, because you are capable of remarkable things! You’d be surprised how far you’ve come and of the things you’ve accomplished.

So, sixteen-year-old me.. you are most definitely doing what and being who you’re supposed to be. Keep your chin up and appreciate the little things in life, because on day they  might become the big things.






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