The power of choice

easywayorhardwayChoice is powerful; unfortunately, not many of us are aware just how powerful our every choice can be.

According to the multiverse (as opposed to universe) theory, a parallel world is created every time a choice is made. For instance, it can be thought that when your alarm clock starts wailing at 7:00 tomorrow morning, two worlds will be created: the world in which you got up, and the world where you stayed in bed. And the most important part is, you get to choose which of the two worlds you will be a part of.

While the difference between the two worlds at this point may not seem to be much, it is. One degree of deviation in a flight from Los Angeles to New York will result in the airplane missing the airport by 48 miles; similarly, with the passage of time, even small deviations can result in significant changes. Imagine this, instead of pressing that snooze button a half million times tomorrow morning, you chose to get up tomorrow morning, and the morning after, and the morning after that… eventually you will chart a different course in your life where you will be able to get an extra hour of studying done every morning, and those hours would add up and make your life infinitely easier comes the final exams season two months down the road. Here, our choice is powerful because it helps us to build powerful habits.

Sometimes even a single, seemingly small choice can result in big changes. For instance, you choose to wake up on time to finish the 10% assignment on time. There is a small, but very real chance that the extra 1% you got by avoiding eating the late penalty was precisely what you needed to bump you up to a passing grade. I can’t count how many times I’ve head people say things along the lines of “If only I tried a bit harder, I would have gotten it”. Often times the only difference between success and failure is that one final push that tips the balance in your favour. Here, our choice is powerful because sometimes the turning point of our world could be hiding in the smallest of choices.

In either case, the fundamental principle is this: be aware. No matter how small it might seem that the time, your choice matters a great deal. After all, building powerful habits or finding the turning point of our lives are nothing but wind if we cannot even recognize that we might be making a choice. So don’t let life just flow by you; remember, with every decision, you are given the opportunity to choose which world you want to be a part of.

So choose well.


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