The Bugatti Chiron

After months of waiting to see the younger sister of the record breaking Bugatti Veyron, the much anticipated Bugatti Chiron was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this past week.

ChiroBugatti n

Snazzy, eh?

Okay, so maybe the Chiron looks a little interesting. It does appear quite sleek and modern, which is a bonus, and much of that has to do with aerodynamics, and making sure the super fast car doesn’t turn into an airplane. And although around the door looks like it would be anti-aerodynamic… well, it’s like that for a reason.

A reason I don’t know.

And can we please talk about the grill?

This styling is very Bugatti, and appears on both the Veyron and the Chiron. The grill actually appears to be larger on the Chiron. I’m… not such a big fan. It makes the car look like a human vacuum. Actually, it makes the care look like Kirby.

Kirby Inhale

But how do the cars compare on the inside?

Both cars have an 8 litre, 16 cylinder, 4 turbocharger engines, though the Chiron’s turbochargers have been engineered to be more… turbo. The Chiron has an impressive 1479 horse power, with a top speed of 461km/h. It makes the still very imposing 1001 horse power Veyron seem slow at a top speed of 407km/h. Let me make a note, though, that Chiron’s top speed has not yet been tested with the electronic safety measures taken off. It may seem fast now, but it can actually go faster.

The Chiron is heavier than the Veyron, with a weight of 1995kg vs. 1888kg, and has a 22L fuel tank vs. a 26.5L tank.

The best part is, if you run the Chiron on top speed, you will run out of gas in 9 minutes, which is faster than the Veyron, which runs out of gas in 12 minutes at top speed.

Fuel Economy

Going from stop to 200km/h takes only 6.5 seconds in the Chiron, and takes 7.3 seconds in the Veyron. That may seem hardly a note worthy time difference, but think of it this way; 200km/h is about the speed of a small single engine plane.

Either way, if you’re looking to buy the Bugatti Chiron, you’re going to need money. Like, a lot of money. 2.6 million dollars, to be precise.



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