A Guide to Small Town Livin’

I guess the first question here is, "what classifies a town as 'small'?". That answer will probably vary depending on where you were brought up yourself. Small is subjective to where you've lived and what you personally consider small. Yet, I bet we can all agree that no matter what we classify as a small... Continue Reading →

Rob Ford: Hero or Villain?

I first heard of Rob Ford when he was running for mayor of Toronto. Like many others, I didn’t take him seriously. How could a man be so polarizing yet expect to earn the respect of one of Canada’s largest cities? Everyone considered Ford to be very outspoken and just plain loud. He was like... Continue Reading →

Creativity in your World

How many of you watch Netflix seemingly all day long? I know I do. I consume seasons on Netflix almost as fast as I consume snacks while watching said shows. Television is a great way to relax in the evening after spending all day studying and going to classes. Here’s a question I’d like to... Continue Reading →

Cultural Contrast: Russian Adoption Bans

There appears to be a stark contrast between political Russian views and the viewpoint of the Western society towards adoption. This issue includes values upheld by both cultures, leading to conflict between the countries and in turn, impacting citizens of both populations. This prime example involves a decree of strict Russian bans preventing foreign same-sex... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor: Every Rose Has a Thorn

Roses, dates, clothes…every single detail of The Bachelor is critiqued, dissected and discussed weekly by millions of women in America. Believe it or not, many have made a career out of watching people fall in love (yes, there is even a blog dedicated to providing readers with spoilers). No matter how controversial the show may... Continue Reading →

A letter to 16-year-old me..

Dear sixteen-year-old me, Please stop worrying so much. It's ridiculous and unnecessary. I know you probably think that high school is going to make or break you, but it's really not. You're probably in grade ten right now, so although you might be freaking out about your future career plans, university and all that "grown-up"... Continue Reading →

Losing Motivation?

We're reaching the end of midterm season (aka the beginning of finals season) and for me, this is usually the time when I lose a lot of my motivation.  At the beginning of school, I was ready to learn, excited to open my textbooks (now I cry knowing how much I've paid for them), and... Continue Reading →

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