Hidden Games

Are you bored? Do you have time to waste?


  1. Dinosaur Race on Chrome

The number one top fear of university students is not having internet (Don’t cite me on this). So when that little dinosaur pops up on Chrome, saying you are not connected to the internet, it can make your heart stutter.

Chrome dinosaur

Fear not! Chrome has a cute little game you can play so you don’t think about how the robots have taken over while you wait for reznet to come back on. Simply press space bar, and the dinosaur will jump, starting the game. The little guy runs along a flat plain and you have to press space bar to jump over the obstacles.


  1. Flappy Bird on Android

Have you ever been so bored you just want to play a soul crushing game like Flappy Bird? Well, if you have an android device, you can!

Flappy Android

Under settings, find ‘about’, and you should get a page filled with all sorts of information about your device. One of those will be the Android Version. Click on that one. Repeatedly. Quickly. If you’re like most people, and have Lollipop still, a lollipop will come up on the screen that changes colour when you tap it.

If you hold down on that lollipop, up pops a Flappy Bird like game where you are the little android guy and you have to get through lollipops. Fair warning, I haven’t even gotten one point.


  1. Flappy Bird on YikYak

Apparently Flappy Bird is a big thing.

There are two ways in which you can play ‘Flappy Yak’. The first is quite simple. Search it up on google, or follow this link to play it on any web browser, mobile or not.

Flappy Yak

The second way is a rumored way, and some say it works while others say it doesn’t. To get to Flappy Yak directly on the app, you apparently must share a yak with someone. Once you have done that, you should get a message saying that Flappy Yak is unlocked. I tried this, but found out that none of my contacts have Yik Yak, and so I couldn’t share anything.


  1. Snake on Youtube

This is a game I haven’t played in years. Like the Dino game on Chrome, it’s a game you can play while waiting. This time, though, while waiting for your youtube video to load. That probably speaks to why I haven’t played it in years. Youtube videos no longer take a ridiculously long time to load.

Youtube Snake game

If you are unlucky enough to have to watch that aggravating spinning circle, try this- press space bar. That should trigger Youtube to start up a game of snake that you can play while you quietly sob and ask “Why, reznet? Why?”


  1. Zerg Rush on Google

This is one of many things you can type into google. There are lists and lists devoted to the different phrases you can search that will produce wacky and fun results.

Google Zerg Rush

One of the more popular games you can play by simply searching a phrase is ‘Zorg Rush’. Google that baby and you’ll be playing in no time. Okay, scratch that, the game will appear in no time. I haven’t actually figured out how to play it yet. My screen is always destroyed and takes my heart with it.


Happy time wasting!


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