The Morning Sun



The dark and dreary winter can sometimes be daunting. With all the snow and the uncertainty of when you’ll see that blue sky again, it can be saddening.

I’m sure the majority of us would rather be on a beach in Hawaii at this moment but despite our outside environments, it is important to remember that the sun will come up tomorrow and it’s up to us to take advantage of the light.

Life is all about perspective. In fact, I found a sonnet written by my great aunt that outlines how even on the darkest days, there’s always a little bit of sunshine if we take the time to find it. Enjoy!

I so enjoy the sparkling radiance

Of the morning sun: its glowing warmth spreads

Into the afternoon. My heart does dance

As its warm rays penetrate. Shining beads

Of light shimmer lightly beneath the trees

And my being is filled with the serene

Calm afforded to a person who sees

How Nature looks after its own. I lean

On this memory after darkness falls.

I think of tomorrow with eager hope

As I look inward and my mind recalls

This beautiful day. I know I can cope

With what may transpire, no matter how cold.

I am saturated with peace untold.



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