What do You Make of Valentine’s Day?

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

If you don’t have a significant other, this question can be a cringe. I have a date with pizza and Netflix, you might answer back. Or, Nothing, my life sucks and I hate everybody. Go be all lovey-dovey somewhere else. Maybe it’s, My significant other and I are cooking dinner together and then going out for cupcakes.

If you’re like me, your answer might go something like this- Plans? The same as any other Sunday. I’m not buying into the whole sham. This Valentine’s Day thing is just another plot the mass market has come up with so they can increase their prices and sell you more and more crap.

Yeah, I know. I’m very cynical.

Cynical Valentines

Like any holiday, and especially those with more ties to the supermarket than to tradition, there are many different views on Valentine’s Day. Some people are all into having a romantic night set apart for your significant other… but many people don’t have a significant other to romance.

This is where a lot of people get upset. They don’t want to see others in love because it just reminds them of how alone they really are.

I have a challenge for you this Valentine’s Day, especially if you are single, feel alone, or think it’s a waste of time.

Take it as an opportunity to spread the love… and yes, I know how cheesy that sounds. Make your dad breakfast in bed. Do the dishes for your mum so she doesn’t have to. Take your little sister to the park without complaining. Send a note to your best friend telling them how much they mean to you.

I challenge you to make Sunday a day where instead of thinking about yourself first, you put others first, and see what happens.

If you need a head start, here are some Agents of Shield Valentines I created a while back. Feel free to print and use these as much as you like.

Yes, I know I’m an awful person. J


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