Why Everyone Needs a Dayplanner

So as hilarious, and possibly accurate, as these pictures may be, don’t let this be you! Now is always the time to get organized and feel like you have control over your life. I’m going to share one of my secrets to organizational success… my day planner! ( You can thank me later 😉 )

In my personal opinion, even the most organized of people NEED to invest in a day planner of some sort. I opted for a cute floral patterned 16 month planner from Chapters, but if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, or any at all, then consider some of these other options:

App Recommendation: Planner Plus – it’s even free! It allows you to put in upcoming assignments and tasks you need to get accomplished for each specific day of the week. It’s convenient for those of you who already use their phone as their main communication point. Why not communicate an organized schedule too?!

Western Student Planner: You know that tacky purple book they handed out to you when you went to pick up your bus pass in September? The one with all the killer coupons inside it? Welllll that also functions as a week-by-week planner for the entire academic year! (NO WAY!?) The University basically gave you first hand access to having an organized life – use it! You’ve already paid way too much money for it anyways.

Learning Skills Resources: They have printable calendars available for free online! You can also make an appointment with one of their counselors to help you go over some tips and tricks.

Here is their weekly planner PDF: weekly planner

And here is a 4 month planner for the winter term: term winter planner

And last, here is their website: http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/learning/

Either way, choose a planning option that will work best for you… and one that you will actually use too!

So why a day planner?

  • It allows you to track what specific tasks, homework, and appointments you have on each specific day of the week. This way you can check things off as you accomplish them.
  • Annnnnd you honestly feel so good about yourself when you get to check things off! It makes you feel like you were actually productive, because you were!
  • It also lets you know when your busy weeks will be, so you can budget your time accordingly. We all know how hectic midterm week can get! A weekly overview allows you to time manage and prioritize tasks for that week without feeling that last minute pressure.
  • Some day planners even have a monthly overview. Here you can write down when all your tests, midterms, papers, projects etc. are all due so you will never again mix up your weeks and class syllabi schedules.
  • It helps you to find and create a balance between work, school and extra curriculars. If you know when your busy nights are compared to your “free” nights, you’ll know when you really have time to practice some self-care and watch that extra episode(s) on Netflix.

And the list goes on! Once you start using one, you will never stop. But, don’t believe a word I say. Don’t simply take my word for it. Go and try it for yourself, and see if what I’m saying has any merit to it or not 😉




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