Hidden Games

Are you bored? Do you have time to waste?   Dinosaur Race on Chrome The number one top fear of university students is not having internet (Don’t cite me on this). So when that little dinosaur pops up on Chrome, saying you are not connected to the internet, it can make your heart stutter. Fear... Continue Reading →

Dance, Charity & Awareness

Each year, UWO Dance Force puts on an end of year show to showcase their talents as well as raise money for a charity decided on at the beginning of the year. This year, they have chosen the IBD Foundation. Their purpose is to enhance the quality of life of people living with Inflammatory Bowel... Continue Reading →

Is Silence Always Awkward?

Replayed everyone’s Snapchat stories? Check. Tweeted about Kanye’s latest Twitter rant? Check. Uploaded one of the fifty-nine selfies that you took on Instagram? Check. Perfect, you think to yourself, now I can sit down to get some work done.  As soon as you pick your pen, a loud ding! emanates from your phone, indicating that... Continue Reading →

The Morning Sun

  The dark and dreary winter can sometimes be daunting. With all the snow and the uncertainty of when you'll see that blue sky again, it can be saddening. I'm sure the majority of us would rather be on a beach in Hawaii at this moment but despite our outside environments, it is important to... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Did and Didn’t Do This Week

  What I Did: Watched all of the first season of IZombie Uncovered my desk Got the police check I needed three years ago Read the Serenity book and then watched the movie Made cookies with a friend   What I Didn’t Do: Applied Math Biology Chemistry Physics SciFi English  

Am I a Feminist?

One of the first books I ever received was the Dr Seuss classic, “Oh, The Places That You’ll Go”. I’m sure many of you remember it – the classic, multi-coloured swirls, striped and fluffy trees in the staple at many local libraries. Years later and on the brink of commencing the next chapter of my... Continue Reading →

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