It’s All About State of Mind

Sometimes we have the tendency to try to take control over everything in our lives.  We desire for things to go as planned, things to be presented to us on time, and for everything to work out a certain way.  And when things don’t unfold exactly the way we were hoping them to, we can get pretty bent out of shape.  And how often do things actually go the way that we plan?  In most cases, not very often.


Because the life we have is so short, we can’t allow these types of things to get the best of us because, simply, there’s nothing we can do to change them.   Since that’s the case, instead of trying desperately to change things that simply will not budge, we should learn to focus on becoming content with the situation.  In order to live the happiest lives that we can possibly live, not wasting a single moment, we must learn to stop expecting and fighting desperately for control in our lives.  We must follow what feels right to us, what’s truly meant for us, and allow our lives to unfold as they’re meant to.


When we fight for control, we are, in some cases, going against the natural current of our life.  Doing this can make what we’re actually trying to chase even harder to actually get to.  It’s simply not meant for us.  As I mentioned earlier, we tend to get bent out of shape when things don’t go exactly as planned.  But, think about it, maybe what you were waiting for was just not meant for you.  Try to stay patient and allow the universe to fill in the vacant spots in your life with something even better; something entirely meant for you.

Universe tumblr

Although, the universe has no deadlines in which it presents things into one’s life.  It simply just does so when the time is right.  It can be hard to see, but the way in which everything happens is all occurring in perfect timing.  These unexpected presentations in which things don’t go as we had them planned, is what helps us to grow and molds us into unique individuals.   The pain that you feel today will make you a stronger person tomorrow.  And if life seems to be caving in the more you try to hold it up, trust that the universe is there to support you.  Because it is.  So stop, breathe, and allow things to unfold as they’re meant to, all in perfect timing.  One can only try their best with things that they’re called to do, although leave the rest.  It will all sort itself out.


Our state of mind is a very important part of ourselves to take care of.  It’s far more important than any other aspect.  When one has a positive state of mind, the rest of the world’s challenges and opportunities for personal growth are tackled so much easier!  If you look at the world with love, then the world will love you right back.  And the only way that you can look at the rest of the world with live is if you love yourself.  So take care of yourself, keep a positive state of mind, and trust in the universe.





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