Out of Context- a Week in My Life

A week in the life of me; a medical science student/daughter/part-time worker/gamer, through out of context quotations.


“Now, let’s look at the pressure gradient. That is, if you believe pressure gradients even exist.”


“He drunk my soul as a breakfast smoothie, so I ate his spleen for breakfast. Only one of those was a metaphor, and it wasn’t the latter.”


“Duuuuuuude, you should join robotics. You’d enjoying robotic-ing.”


“You should discuss any difficulties you had writing this abstract.”

“I had trouble because I tried to read the article while playing D&D.”

“That doesn’t count.”


“#BellLetsTalk because we shouldn’t feel ashamed of needing help.”


“Excuse me, ma’am, but your child has fallen into a recycling bin.”


“How do you find a?”

“Uh… it precedes b?”

“No, like the a of a parabola!”


“Have I shown you my sonic spork?”


“We’re going to be talking about isolated mitochondria from Chlamy today… I feel naked for some reason…”


“A hand taps you on the shoulder. Just a hand, no body.”


“Okay, let’s use this terrible example; the men are turning into women at rate a, and the women are turning into men at rate b, the men are dying at rate k/v, and the women are immortal.”


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