Hooray for Haute Couture

No city does haute couture better than Paris, the fashion capital of the world. This week, I was treated to a continuous stream of images from Haute Couture Fashion Week on my Instagram feed. Given my obsession for all things related to style and design, my fingers began feverishly double-tapping posts as I browsed through runway videos, makeup looks and close-up shots of dresses. Even as a broke university student, fashion provides an alternate reality filled with endless creative possibilities for me to explore. Here are my four standouts of the week:

Viktor & Rolf: If I could only use one word to describe this collection, it would be ‘construction’. The sharp, clean lines combined with the all-white outfits were well-executed and have a very modern, almost futuristic aesthetic. I also like the incorporation of a face in the dresses – it’s quirky and clever.

viktor & rolf

Rami Kadi: While it’s not one of the most recognizable fashion houses, Kadi’s collection truly captures the essence of spring and nature. His eye for detail is remarkable, contributing to the stunning beauty of each piece. While this collection was not shown on the runway, it truly embodies the balance between fashion and art.

Rami Kadi Couture Spring 2016

Chanel: This collection further exemplifies why Karl Lagerfeld is one of the best designers in the world. His creations are always so elegant and perfectly suited for the modern, powerful woman. For me, Chanel has always been one of the most consistent performers in the fashion world. And while this may seem as being “safe”, its collections are always well-constructed and tailored.


Dior: Without Raf Simons as creative director, there was much speculation surrounding the look that Dior’s collection would take. I liked how all the pieces were fluid and effortless – the tasteful mixture of colours and textures brought the entire collection together.




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