Languages Around the Globe



What if we all spoke the same language? If everyone’s native tongue was the same, would we be better off?

I can say with certainty that we’d have better communication between all people across the globe. But, what would happen to the culture that is embodied by each individual language?

Each language represents a unique history; a well defined past and cultural individualism different from any other language. Some may have similarities as they stem from the same roots, the Latin languages for example, but they still represent dividing paths in history and adaptations. Language is very important.

Something else to consider: the language we speak forms the basis of our relationships and our basic communication. When we travel to far off places, it’s exciting to learn even a few phrases of a foreign language to assist us in delving into that culture and interacting with the locals. A smile is universal but the different languages we speak set us apart.

Sure, if only one language was spoken globally, nothing would be lost in translation. Although, this would result in the loss of a vital part of our sense of identity. Languages remind us that there’s always room for growth and learning in every aspect of our lives. There’s always more out there to understand; to approach with a different perspective and vocabulary.

Language and its cultural identity are an integral part of us all. 


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